The GREEN E-CASTING PHASE 1 project is the first of the three phases of the GREEN E-CASTING project, the overall goal of which is to research and develop brake discs for electric vehicles with novel multilayer coating and integration in an integrated digital process by industrial additive manufacturing, ensuring their improved sustainability, efficiency, reusability after their various life cycles, and reintegration into component production processes.

The specific objective of the GREEN ECASTING PHASE 1 project was to research, develop and prototype multilayer coated brake disc components for electric vehicles using advanced materials, additive manufacturing and industrial additive manufacturing using state-of-the-art materials, additive manufacturing and intricate post-processing. Following the fabulous results obtained, we will soon initiate PHASE 2 of the GREEN E-CASTING project in which we will use reduced graphene oxide nanoparticles, improving their sustainability, mechanical properties and hardness to ensure maximum component performance as well as introducing clear improvements in the supply chain, solution ecology and improving their mechanical and thermal properties.

The Automotive Cluster of Castilla y León (FACYL), AENIUM ENGINEERING, LINGOTES ESPECIALES and MECANIZADOS ARANDA are developing a research, development and prototyping project for electric vehicle components, with the use of advanced materials, different additive manufacturing techniques and complex post-processing. The Green E-Casting Phase 1 project is cofunded by the Ministry of Industry, Trade and
Tourism through the line of support for Innovative Business Groups, in its 2021 call for proposals within the framework of the Recovery, Transformation and Resilience Plan.